About Us


6ix Hemp’s most valuable asset is the expertise and experience of its founder Justynn Hammond and Reynaldo Bonds.

Our Management Team

Justynn Hammond has a background in business management and has worked as an executive for multiple start up companies for the past 5 years.
Reynaldo Bonds is a hard working ambitious entrepreneur with over 10 years of operation management skill.

Our Customer Focus

Regional Producers

6ix Hemp Inc will primarily serve regional producers of raw hemp stalk, hurd, shiv, and fiber, to be broken down further as needed. Some products may be sold directly to manufacturers in the local area for the production of other products from our ingredients.

Distributors and Manufacturers

Distributors and manufacturers of Hemp products in the region see growth in interest in organic products and are in need of organic ingredients for suppliers.
Consumers show increased demand for these organic products.

Revenues and Source

The industrial hemp industry globally is an ostentatious market set to take off rapidly. Serious investors will see this as an opportunity to do something that will not only sustain our planet, but will also be eco-friendly, and will allow for huge profit margins for all involved.
Our Hemp can be made into various types of products such as raw Hemp fibers (for ropes and textiles, one of our main sales commodities) which will allow our company to flourish within the industrial hemp business, as well as Shiv (finer strands of the fiber materials), hempcrete for affordable housing throughout the region, as well as CBD oil (production is roughly 500 gallons per acre).

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