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While it’s true that some new sectors have been successful for some investors, such as those who invested early in internet-based companies, the chase for the next big investment can lead investors to speculate on trends and bet on industries and products with no proven record or history of success.

Industrial Hemp Industry

The Industrial hemp industry is a very different industry and has grown rapidly in recent years as a number of jurisdictions, including certain U. S States, Australia and Canada etc, have explored new laws around the sale and use if hemp by-products.
This initially began with the legalization of industrial hemp cultivation at the state level, which prompted a number of companies to express interest in mobile decortication systems and entering the market as well as approaching investors who were energized to get in on what they believed was the next big thing.

Mobile Decortication

The next best thing is the mobile decortication of industrial hemp and 6ix Hemp is at the forefront of the industrial hemp processing and distribution of hemp made by-products. Our company will revolutionize the industrial hemp industry for years to come.

Let 6ix Hemp Inc. start you on your way to an investment that will be good for our customers, be good for our shareholders, and our planet as well.”

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