Problem & Solution

Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp was legalized in Colorado in 2013. With thousands of uses and hundreds of cultivars, the industry can be very complex. While the seeds and flowers have markets developing for dietary seed, oils, CBDs, and cattle feed, the value chain for the stalks are still coming of age.

For most products made from hemp stalks, the first step is decorticating; separating the outer bast fiber from the inner woody core called hurd.


The Problem

Currently, there are small, hand fed decorticating machines available from China, Australia and the USA and large, multi-million dollar complete processing lines from Europe. Currently in the US many farmers are searching for a way to make money on the crop and a lot of them are turning to CBD Oils and Seeds.

You most definitely can make a good income on just the seeds alone as they are going for around $25-$35 per lb with a yield of around 1 lb per plant and around 2,500 plants per acre, that around $60,000 per acre.

That is only half of the value that this plant can produce, and farmers are missing out on the full potential of the hemp plant. Here at 6ix Hemp Inc we plan on changing that.


The Solution

Process the crop

6ix Hemp Inc will travel to your farm, process and ready your crop for distribution right there on your property. With our high-powered Hemp Decorticators we can take care of all your hemp needs, from hurd, fibers, seeds, oils, shiv etc.

We will also be able to process all your material right there on location. This allowing us two ways to process material and allow us the ability to go from machine to farm (mobile decortication), farm to machine (shipped to us for processing).

Decortication System

We believe that our mobile decortication service could do astonishingly well in the fight against farmers in fear of growing an unknown product and not being able to distribute it. This ideology demonstrates how our system simplifies the industrial hemp process for farmers and will build customer loyalty.

This Mobile Decortication System is a Win/Win business solution for the industrial hemp industry. Farmer will get onsite Decortication and Processing, and distribution companies will get to move inventory in a much easier, faster and streamlined way.

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